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Re: Mini Transat

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Humm, not quite so unless you are talking specifically of a Transat race. That design and boat has not managed to win out of a transat and have been beaten (not for much is true) by more conventional designs.

Probably the main mini race out of the transat is the Mini Fastnet. Raison's design did not won in 2012 neither in 2013.

Look at the mini rating and you will see that on the top are sailors that use conventional boats. If it was like you say everybody with be racing with "bath tube" bow boats


Indeed, my point applies only to the Mini Transat race which, for sailors at the top level, is the only one that really counts.

Today, all the top sailors except one are sailing conventional designs, but I suggested several weeks ago that may well be due to uncertainty as to whether Raison's victory in 2011 was just "luck". My point, now, is that Pedote crushing the fleet in 2013 in the same boat may suggest to the top echelon the need to make the move to a scow design, if they want to win the Transat.

Of course, for all other races a conventional design will do well, provided the top guys don't all show up in scows.

Meanwhile, looking at the latest position chart, Pedote played it pretty much like I suggested yesterday. As his pursuers had to eventually gybe onto port and come back east, he used his leverage to come back on starboard into the stronger breeze (although it is getting lighter as the fleet approaches the Azores, and perhaps we'll see some compression by tomorrow morning). But he has maintained a > 45nm lead over Boidevezi and, at the last update, was going 3.4 knots faster. Indeed, he was the fastest boat in the race over that time period (though Simon Koster is sailing the hell out of his Series boat, only 0.9 knots slower than Pedote - amazing!).

Reading about the carnage that so many boats have endured, it really underscores just how good Pedote, Boidevezi, Belloir, Mettraux, and the other top skippers are. They are sailing in the same rough, boat-breaking conditions, and they are pushing hard all the way, not simply surviving. That takes both incredible skill and confidence in the preparation of their boats. I am truly humbled by their achievements.

We deal in lead, friend.
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