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Re: Composting Toilets vs. Holding Tank

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
That's rather hard to believe when parsed out, isn't it?

Anyway, look it all up instead of using your intuitive rice paddy analogy. Heavy metals, pathogens and pharmaceuticals are issues in sludge from treatment plants. None would be the same from wild animals. The sources you refer to, such as drinking from the water, are substantially diluted compared to human consumption, which consumes pure product.
you totally missed the part about bears being a top predator and getting the toxins that it's prey animals contain, at a more concentrated level, didn't you?

ok. are you familiar with peregrin falcons? a few decades ago, they almost went extinct because DDT was making their eggshells too thin and birth rates were way down. now the falcons were not in direct contact wth the DDT. it was being used on the ground and birds and other animals were eating insects containing DDT. those animals were eaten by other animals. the animals that ate the DDT conaining animals were eaten by other animals....each layer of predation received a more concentrated dose than the layer before them. all of the animals that got it from what they ate, had it in greater concentrations than the insects that were originally exposed to it. that's how it works. the falcons were at the top of the chain. they got the biggest dose and i almost wiped them out.

the bear in your example? top of the food chain. higher concentrations of toxins.

and as for heavy metals, what do you do with your light bulbs when they stop working? if you throw them in the trash and they are CFLs you are doing much worse than dumping your crap in the trash. CFLs utilize mercury; the number one heavy metal that huans pollute the earth with.

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