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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Hi Paulo and crew,

Sorry about the Verde and Verdes thing By the way we are stocked up with good Verdes wine.

It is still too early to give you a detailed report on our new Boreal. We hope it is the down wind and broad reach boat we have seen so far in the 2000 miles we have put on her. She is really fun sailing in 15 to 35 knots but let us make a crossing or two before I give a detailed report. You mentioned going back to the states and that we will not be doing with this boat I hope. Our goal from the day we order the Boreal was getting back to the S. Pacific and visit old friends and explore a few more places where we could not go with the Mason 44.

I will say this about Boreal, we complained to them that we had some corners in the heads where the locker doors touch the locker inner frames that were turning black in small areas. Not long after the company and the company that builds the interior. Sorry I forget the companies name but they build just about every French made boats interiors. Anyway the head of that company and the head of Boreal flew down to Lisbon and spent two days going over the interior of our boat. They said that they found a problem with these little plastic tabs they put in the door frames, we were the first boat to have them. Those tabs were too tight and when the locker doors shut the Varnish cracked and allowed water in. Boreal had their top interior guy fly into the canaries to replace the doors and redoing the Varnish work. What a sight to see this guy driving up in a taxi to the marina with all this wood work sticking out the back of the trunk. We never demanded or even asked for the replacement But both companies insisted it be redone. Thank you Boreal for your caring of your customers.

We are working 6 hours or more a day getting ready for the crossing, going over rigging, making better chafe guards for the spreaders. Lots of splicing of lines, de pickeling the water maker and on and on, hard work but a lot of fun. And don't forget the buying of food and figuring out where and how to store it. The Boreal has far more storage space than the Mason had and that boat had a lot.

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