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Re: sailboat and ferry collide!

Originally Posted by capta View Post
Whatever happens on the flight deck of an aircraft moving at between 3 and 500 knots has very little similarity to the bridge of a surface vessel at 20 knots, even if the approach speed of two vessels is near 50 knots. It's apples and oranges. Cabin crews on aircraft are not usually comprised of 15 or more very hard men capable of surviving a night ashore on the waterfront of a seaport. I am certainly glad my career is at an end, because there is absolutely nothing that would get me to work with a bridge management team. I find it mildly entertaining that traditional systems and traditional methods are no longer good enough, though they have worked fairly well for 10 centuries or so. Add a couple of dozen electronic "aids to navigation" on the bridge and the captain (traditionally, the "master") is no longer capable of doing the job he did when all he had was a compass, timepiece and a sextant. I suppose they'll outlaw flogging, next. But perhaps the reason for all this balderdash is because the captains of today are men who have learned their trade at school, rather than a lifetime of experience at sea. They advance because they can pass a test, not by merit and proven accomplishment. So there really isn't one person on the bridge actually knowledgeable and experienced enough to make decisions alone!
Just like the situation that this thread is about, you advocate education, while I would send them ashore forever. The mate in the situation we are discussing turned TOWARD a vessel she was looking at; that is not an error, that is just plain stupidity, certainly a good reason, in my book, to insure she never gets the opportunity to endanger people's lives again. The captain's lack of "situational awareness" again a school term, I'm sure, because I've never heard the term on the bridge of any commercial vessel, wasn't paying attention with an inexperienced person on the helm in a narrow channel close to a port. As the kids say today, isn't that a classic FAIL? Only by pure luck did nobody die and I can't for the life of me understand why you would want to give her the opportunity to actually kill someone, next time she loses "situational awareness"?
I guess it all boils down to you're being a nice guy and thinking these girls deserve a second chance, and my being an ass*ole (admittedly) and believing that being on that bridge was their chance to do it right.
Jeeez Capta, Don't you know there's an excuse for everything now. In school, kids are taught they are simply wonderful no matter how bad they are at something. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by telling them they have done poorly, do we? They'll get it right next time:-)

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