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Re: This is hope! (3 young adults fix P30 and head out to sea)

yeah. as far as responsible kids, I think that's the issue here. 'responsible' kids work hard in school. they often have jobs in high school and save to buy cars and to help with college. they go to college and work hard to get good grades. then, when they graduate, they hit the ground running and do everything they can to get good employment. they save their money and, after meeting and marrying other responsible people, they buy a house. then they have kids, being responsible and passing on their genes. they raise these kids as responsibly as they can. then; once they are older and their kids have grown, moved away from home, and started their own responsible lives; they have time for themselves and they start doing things like cruising or RVing.

that's what you generally see, now, right? older people breaking out and cruising, enjoying the remainder of their lives after they fulfill their responsibilities?

isn't that the whole issue, in the thread on the future of sailing? young people aren't just gallivanting off to sail to foreign shores and it's usually only older people you see cruising?

that's your answer. the kids are being responsible. then, when people see kids that do just say screw it all and set sail, they want to complain because they are not being responsible. catch 22.

responsible people don't work their butts off to get degrees then blow any money they save to go cruising, returning to home years later with no money, no jobs, and no prospects. the baby boomers didn't do what was responsible when they packed their stuff up and sailed away or drove away in the old VW bus. they ran away from college and just went out an partied. their was rampant drug use, loose meaningless sex, and not a lot of responsibility being demonstrated. they were lucky. when they returned to normal life, they returned to a world on the rise, with lots of opportunity. new businesses and technologies. ground floors to wealth. and most of the kids who did that came from well to do families. they weren't working their ways through college. daddy was paying their tuition. the jungles of Vietnam were full of poor, working class kids that didn't have college as a shelter when the draft came.

we don't live in that world. we live in a world where 'responsible' kids, with degrees and good grades, are stuck working in restaurants and retail and other poorly paying jobs, or even unemployed. so, if modern kids took a break from reality, instead of starting the race immediately, they wouldn't be coming home to anything but a dead job market and a hard struggle, with their life goals several years behind schedule.

you just can't have it both ways. you can't have 'responsible' kids tossing caution and a life time preparing to run the race to the four winds and heading out over the ocean.

as far as the reality of their show. I agree, there are some issues. new motor. $1000 bucks for an old boat without even a mast or sails is not cheap. you may ( easily )be able to pilfer enough building supplies from construction site dumpsters to fix the boat ( terrible waste on construction sites ) but you aren't going to find masts and sails and bottom paint just laying around.

on the other hand, if he was a hacker ( and had money from his computer ' work ' ) that would explain their ability to afford the stuff that doesn't fit their poverty. and it would be responsible.

one youtube commented on their 'stealing'. the assumption being they really stole from people. however, you can easily get a lot of prime building material from construction site dumpsters. it's stuff that's in the garbage but it's still considered stealing. he never said where they pilfered it from. it's also not hurting anyone. in fact, it saves the contracting company money. it costs to have a dumpster hauled. if someone removes trash from the dumpster, it needs hauled less often. but it's still sailing.

just a few thoughts to ponder.
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