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What would you buy for $100,000? wasn''t that a character in one of Walt Disney''s fantasy movies? I just returned from the Strictly Sail Show in Chicago and came to the conclusion by my observation that the people that design and build the mediocre boats you love so dearly, have probably never cruised, raced or for that matter sailed on one of their creations! It is not only the three biggest sailboat builders in the states that are guilty of this, but also many other builders from Europe. It seems as if the design emphasis on the new production boats is on dockside living and entertainment rather than service/maintainability, quality of craftsmanship, creative and beautiful designs, and most importantly good sailing characteristics. Some of the more noteworthy oversights were:

-Lifelines way to short to serve their purpose, stanchions poorly fastened to the deck.
-Wingding keels that appear to be designed for draft, not hydrodynamic performance
-Picnic tables cluttering up the cockpit
-Cheesy hardware
-Dual wheels with engine controls only at one pod
-Anchor lockers with poorly designed handles and hardware
-Huge cavernous cabins with no handholds and very little storage
-Winches and turning block placement in and around the cockpit based on convienence rather than their function.
-Engines very difficult to service, even for simple stuff like oil changes.
-Huge fixed ports that look as if they could be stove-in by a big wave.
-Non-skid so poorly designed itís doubtful it is functional.
-Sinks set outboard in the galley that would never drain when the boat is heeled over.
-Shallow and small cockpit lockers barely big enough for a few dock lines and a maximum of two fenders.
-Roller shade main sails.

The above are things that can be seen, how much attention do you think is paid to those details that are out of sight? Makes me nervous!

As far as wasting your time Mr./Ms Ariel, you can choose to read my posts or not, I donít care. It sounds as if you might be living in fantasy land anyway if you truly believe that the Benehuntalinas are great boats, at best they are a way to get out on to the water and that is alright in my book! For my money, I want something better.
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