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Re: This is hope! (3 young adults fix P30 and head out to sea)

Originally Posted by CLOSECALL View Post
I'll bet these guys were subsidized by their families. Squatting, stealing, trespassing - now that's what I call role models. It's certainly not what I will expect of my grandkids.

How would you feel if they pulled up alongside your boat and used your mast to step theirs while they knew you were not around? Then just go ahead and move onboard for awhile since your boat is just sitting there empty. I know that in my marina, nobody steps onto someone else's boat without permission unless that boat is in trouble.

Sorry to be so grumpy but I've know lots of young people to have lots of adventures without crossing the lines that these people do.
i totally see that point. you'd expect your kids to be responsible contributing members of society. but such people do not just drop out of the game and blow all of any savings they may have on an adventure. they do their duty to society and cruise when they are older, have money, and are done doing what they are 'supposed' to do. only rich kids can afford to buy a boat, cruise the ocean, and come back with funds to live with. sad but true. why is it you see older people owning fast sports cars instead of adventurous young people? because they can afford it without resorting to grand theft auto.

stories like this are great fin to hear but most of us wouldn't live that way. we are too responsible. i was once entertained, at a local motorcycle friendly establishment ( read: biker bar ) by an old guy who was a retired member of a local 1% club. he regailed my brother and i with his, mostly illegal, adventures as a prospect and, later, a full member. it was fun to hear. but, when he said he'd come out of retirement just to be able to prospect me ( i guess i fit the 1%er bill ), i respectfully declined. i may be a wildman on a chopper but i'm no criminal...outside of some excessive speeds and stunts. plus, 1%ers steal bikes. my dad raised me right. you don't mess with another man's bike. it's more sacred than his wife...not that i would have ever messed with another man's wife

same with this video; great fun to watch, but i wouldn't do all the things they did. my morality wouldn't stand for it. i don't mind them pilfering from construction site dumpsters, assuming that's where the stolen material came from since it's much safer and just as lucrative as stealing from the actual materials piles. but, i do take exception with messing with another man's boat. however, in their defence, it was a 'responsible' adult, from normal professional society, that suggested it and helped them do it. on their own, it might not have occurred to them.
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