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Re: This is hope! (3 young adults fix P30 and head out to sea)

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
I'm not going to make a mission of my point, but these observations are just simply in contrast to the video. The stinkpotter who lost a deck hoist feels differently, I'm sure.
yeah. i felt bad for that guy. however, haven't you ever done anything stupid or sketchy any time in your life? something you might not be proud of? if you weren't a prefect saint, did the sketchy stuff that you did make you a total butthole or just a young person that did something that was less than kosher?

i know that some people like to pretend they were absolute angels but there are three kinds of peoplr in the world; those who have done wrong things, those that will do wrong things, and those that lie about it.

maybe the wrong things you did were different than stealing a little lumber or damaging someone's property while using it without their pemission. maybe you smoked dope. maybe you ran contraband. maybe you drank a few with your friends and then drove home. but, if you aren't a perfect saint, you can't narc on someo ne else because they aren't, either.

i'm not saying it's right to have used that guy's boat, even if it hadn't been damaged. but, i'm saying many of us have done dumber stuff when we are young. i'm withholding judgement about the stolen material since i don't know te full story behind that.

but i do think the point is getting lost in the moralizing. ok. they did wrong. give them 10 lashes and let's move on. the point is they took risks, committed themselves to an adventure, lived it, and made a pretty cool movie with some deep thoughts involved.

heck, i had an issue about his slap at capitalism but you don't hear me beating him up for it. a lot of young people oppose the status quo blindly, without undestanding, by opposing capitalism or even democracy. they often grow up and out of it.

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