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Re: Composting Toilets vs. Holding Tank

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
I have nothing against composting heads in general, particularly where there is little alternative, such as a mountain cabin. My biggest gripe is that I feel my non-sailor guests would struggle using one. That's a personal choice.

I often read from users, like above, that urine goes overboard. I would love to hear why its okay to put uric acid and pharmaceuticals in the ocean but not bio-degradable solid waste that has already been liquified with salt water.

i agree with you. i don't see a whole lot of difference between putting urine in the water or feces. in fact, i don't see how it's not ok to dump it in the water if you are only out 2 miles out but it's ok to dump it in the same water three miles out. it's the same water. that's about as logical as a restaurant with no smoking sections ( you know, it's the same air ). so, yeah, i don't see the difference, either.

there is so much urine and feces in the ocean. the ocean is full of living things swimming in it and flying over it. all of these living things urinate and defocate in the ocean. a pint of piss and a pail of half composted crap, every so often, isn't going to destroy it. everyone is so worried about feces or urine heading back to the beach. how many people, in the water at the beach, do you think just piss when they have to? right in the water where they are standing.

people seem to forget one thing: the earth....all the dirt we stand on including the ocean floor, is made of two things; dead plants and animals and...wait for it....crap.

lol. so, now that we have that thought in our minds, let's go work in the garden...get our hands in some nice rich dirt.

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