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Re: Warning warning advertising for paying crew

Originally Posted by benesailor View Post
After reviewing the website for the "expedition"... I had all sorts of alarm bells go up. No way i would step foot on this boat unless they were paying me.
Agree completely. It does seem to be pretty well laid out on the website. I don't see much for the OP to complain about.

On the other hand, it is also pretty clearly someone trying to avoid the rules concerning operating a boat as a business. They're charging 39 euros per day (about $52 USD at the current exchange rate). That's an awful lot of money to pay to be "crew" on a boat. Unless they're serving caviar and pate de fois gras on a pretty regular basis, or providing the rum and beer, that's way too much to call it a contribution to living expenses.

Frankly, if I were paying that much, I would expect to be treated like a passenger. But then, you see, I would never have been foolish enough to sign up for this particular "expedition" in the first place. Like I said up above, in agreeing with benesailor, I would not step foot on this boat unless they were paying me.