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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Earlier Brent talked about the vurtues of pilothouses. I seriously thought about a pilothouse but went with a hard dodger boat for several reasons.
1. Find if you are on deck to are more likely to pay attention to things like the
the horizon
the wind
the sounds of your boat
the set of your sails
2.found I'm more likely to watch my sails and adjust if I'm on deck.
3.With the AP remote around my neck but under the dodger I'm comfy and out of the weather but still fully dressed/harnessed to make any adjustments or attend to any urgencies. Whereas in a nice warm pilothouse I have to get fully dressed and rigged up before going out to deal with whatever.
Seems unusual Brent would be a pilothouse fan as it takes you out of the joy of the environs. Kind of like going through a forest on a motorbike smelling and seeing everything versus traveling in a motorhome looking through a window.
Wonder what others think. Guess the full enclosures you see are about the same thing and folks seem to like those. Maybe it's a PNW thing.

s/v Hippocampus
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