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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
you are being silly again. The boat has had a bow roller from day one. It's all there on the drawings. I do produce drawings. It's part of our ultra expensive cast 316 s.s.s stem fitting. Pretty much a clone of the system Hinckley has used for years, effective and attractive. It's been there for anyone to see who has followed the thread. We are going to 3D print it and cast it from the 3D part. That's new and exciting for me.

I understand if you can't produce a drawing you probably can't read one either but these renderings should be plain even to you.

I think Brent has run off. He's trying to find Schafhauer blocks. He did check them out. They must exist.

I think he is confused with Professor Schaffhausen from the movie DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, one of my favs.

I'm sure you are amazed at the beauty of this design Brent but don't tell me. Flattery will get you nowhere.
That looks much better. Can't see the slope of the front too well in the picture, but if you give the forward edge of the roller frame a good forward slope ,it stops the rode from jumping out when side loaded.
Yes, your drawings are the best in the business by a wide margin, but my clients prefer designs based on hands on experience, not theoretical speculation. They believe it is the thought and experience which decides on how good a boat you end up with, not the artsyness of the drawings, especially hands on experience on how steel goes together . That can drastically reduce the difficulty of building a steel boat. No one has had any problem building good boats from my drawings .
Next time I go offshore I am going to experiment with a short bowsprit thru one of my double bow rollers , for light airs . Looks easy to do, and the roller is already there.
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