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Re: westsail 32, that bad?

I address this to anyone who has any opinion or interest concerning the Westsail 32. This includes: bfloyd445, vtoz7053, duchess of Montrose, Barquito, and shipislandpirate, just to name a few.
The Westsail 32 in the last photo is real, it is not a drawing. It is sailing at 4.2k in 4.2k of apparent wind, and 3.1k of true wind. This picture and the instrument pictures have been posted before. Most responders to the pictures were not believers. The two people aboard the boat that took the picture were also not believing what they saw, as they were motoring up the coast of Washington. Is 4.2k in 3.1k of wind fast or slow? I believe it to be respectable. Would a Comet 41 or Farr 38 really be much faster?
The Westsail 32 never was a slow boat. It is only a slow “accelerating” boat. ( I may lose 0ne boat length per tack during a race against more modern boats) It takes 3 things to sail well in very light airs: 1) Some knowledge of what to do. 2) The right equipment for that boat. 3) A willingness to do it. The personality of the person who buys a W-32 has a different personality than the person who buys a Comet 41. Westsail owners, for the most part, are not inclined to sail faster. I was in that group. I finally tired of the negative comments, brought about by hearsay, and decided to start sailing faster. I now sail around about 1/2k faster than in my earlier days. The boat is still a W-32 in all regards and carries 2 dinghies, 4 anchors, 80 gals of water, and just about everything else. The boat has been a liveaboard for 26 years. To say a W-32 is slow is to say that most 35’ Racer/Cruisers and most modern cruisers, when cruising, are slower. The local and distant races run by this boat have proven that repeatedly. It is the other boats fault that it is slower than a Westsail. I will not repeat the boat types that have proven themselves slower than a Westsail as it angers many people. The very same people that propagate the hearsay.
One huge problem to combat the hearsay is caused by the owners of the “slower’ boats, who will not own up that they were beaten by a Westsail because of all they have heard. Their admission is simply too painful apparently.
One moderator to this forum said “the Westsail is useless as a sailboat in under 10k of wind. Is 4.2k in 3.1k of wind being useless? One moderator said “you’ll never see 7K”. The boat pictured has logged 1774nm in a 10 day period. ( It made good 1641nm ). Please do the math. Is that not respectable? The boat pictured has made 3 round trips to the South Pacific. It took 57 days to sail to New Zealand from Astoria Oregon (stopping in 5 countries). Is that fast or slow? It took 61 days to return (stopping in 4 counties). Is that fast or slow?
One more thing. The difference between a “fast” cruising boat and a very different “slow” cruising boat, at about 35’, when both boats are fully cruising, and as many variables as possible being equal, is 1/4k.
Thank you
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