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The Wet Part Of My Boat

Now that the rudder and keel on my boat have been modified, and are in what is for now, their final version, here is (for those that may be interested) the underside of Giulietta, as it was initially built, these photos were taken on the day of her launch, and show the hull, keel and rudder with some detail.

Note the concave aft section of the hull, between rudder and keel, that is "bent" upwards. That section of the hull, was modulated in lab by computers to be able to provide the best downwind performance without affecting pointing abilities.

I've had these photos for a while but didn't want to share them until we found the right keel and rudder....the new ones are slightly different but same type.

Between these photos and what I have now, there has been a lot of experimenting and “trial and error” efforts….

The modifications, from what we had then, and what we have now, allow pointing angles of 20º, and almost 1 knot more speed downwind.

As you can see, underneath, she is quite different from what a cruising boat normally looks like. She is as flat as possible, and the objective was to reduce as much as possible the vertical sections.
Remember she was not built for crusing, but we can cruise on her, when we need to.

Just a different boat...that's all..



My question is: Who would do an blue water crossing with me???

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