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Originally Posted by yotphix
I had no idea that a sailboat with so much power would also have so much grace! More than slow boats even! The smoothness came as a complete shock to me. We had a little over twently knots of wind and a huge full main but only a little number three jib. All I could think was...MORE SAIL! Faster faster! I'm super stoked that I was invited to come racing this Saturday on the same boat! They have a 3000sq foot kite that should propel us into the next century!
3000sq feet??? How big is that boat??? My Spinnaker is only 1560 Sq feet. Is that a maxi?? That boat must be at least 60'.

I?m happy you understood that bigger sail does not necessarily mean faster....sometimes means less heel (altough boats like mine are designed to be efficient even when heeled) and less heel means faster...we normally do not reef, unless its necessary, so we have other "tricks" to get around!!

Another thing, next time you're "riding the wave", go on the stern and look at the water as it flies from under the stern, it comes out straight and flat!!!! look at the wake....there is almost no wake too!!.

If you can (I love to do that), climb on the boom, lean against the sail and look forward and backwards....I can't explain it either....
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