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Sails on a Boat That I'm Looking At

I’m going out to the west coast the weekend after next to look a late model Valiant 42 that has non-standard-Valiant sails. I asked for more information about them, and the broker replied with the following:

"The local Quantum loft has been making Valiant sails for years; in fact my 1990 Valiant 40’ had Quantum sails. There simply isn’t a better cruising sail made by anyone (in my opinion) and the owner of [BOAT NAME] had used the best material."

The broker went on to relay the following e-mail from a representative of the local Quantum loft that had supplied the sailes:

"These are all heavily built sails, absolutely top of the line, ready for serious passage sailing with wide seams, triple and quadruple three-throw stitching, extra reinforcing, belting, spectra webbing, night time draft stripes, etc., with hull number and insignia on the main, leech and foot lines, tell tales, sail ties etc. plus specified accessories as indicated.

“Main 9.62 Dacron luff 48 x foot 13.58 with four tapered RBS full length epoxy battens, Sailman 4000 receptacles for the inboard end of each full length batten and Dutchman 50-3-B flaking system. Replacement about $5,700

“The boat has a very expensive Antal batten traveler system that was sold by Valiant Yachts. The Antal sail hardware (headboard and slides) was supplied to us by Valiant, for installation on the main. We supplied the receptacles for the inboard end of each full length batten, to which Antal batten slides were attached. I cannot tell you how much the customer paid for the Antal hardware. Probably about $4,500.

“110% Lp Rollerfurling Genoa 563 sq ft 8.62HA Dacron for use on a Profurl rollerfurling system with #6 foil tape on the luff, Acrilan UV protection leech and foot and foam along the luff for shape preservation when reefed. Replacement about $4,000.

“Rollerfurling Staysail 9.62HA Dacron 187.87 sq ft optimized for the staysail triangle to be used on a Profurl system with #6 foil tape and Acrilan UV protection on leech and foot. Replacement about $1,500.

“With respect to Genoa size, we make lots of 120's for boats going elsewhere and 110's for a boat home ported on San Francisco Bay. It’s a reflection of [DEALERSHIP OWNER’S] sail advice to George and I think he's right. It’s plenty of area except for very light air when the boat really needs the asymmetrical.

“The staysail has a high clew because that's where it has to be to sheet to the staysail track. We always have to leave some room forward on the track to adjust the fairlead when the sail is reefed so the clew has to be high enough to sheet far enough aft on that track to allow the adjustment, like when it is reduced to be used as a true storm jib. Most people don't realize that clew height is really a function of the size of the sail and the location of the track to sheet to.

“The 110 is a nice size for the boat because the clew can be high enough for good visibility yet low enough to reach the leech line or re-tie a Genoa sheet. When it’s fully extended where it sheets to leaves plenty of room for fairlead adjustment forward as the sail is reefed, or to reduce twist when reaching. There is also room for or adjustment aft if there is need to de-power without reducing area.

“As you know, the Lp is expressed as a percent of J, the base of the foretriangle. A Valiant 42 has a BIG foretriangle with a big J so a 110% sail is much bigger on a V42 than it would be on another 42ft boat with a shorter J. (V42 J= 19.71 x 110% = 21.68ft.) (Passport 42 J=17ft so 17 x 110% = 18.7ft)”


I intend to head south to Mexico and beyond in November. I'm familiar with the conditions as far south as Acapulco, and there’s a lot of light air along the way during the cruising season. My questions are:

1) How would you generally rate the quality of Quantum sails?

2) What are your comments on the described sail production techniques and deck equipment?

3) Does anyone have a problem with the smaller 110 genoa for my stated purpose, or does the rep's comment about the larger Valiant foretriangle make sense? (This is one on which I'd love to hear from JeffH.)

You folks will really be helping me with your input' and I appreciate it.

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