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Re: Barefoot Yacht Charters St. Vincent: Never Again

“the anchor rode was old and broke in chatham bay.”

Ok- I’ve bit my tongue long enough.
The best anchoring in Chatham is in the N.E corner. Pretty easy to find
to find good sand there in 15 to 25 feet of water. If I remember correctly that boat has 150’ + chain so why where you hanging on the rode? Granted the rode should not have been compromised but at a 5 or 6 to 1 ratio the chain should have done the job.

“the bimini top was not waterproof,”

If it was it would have been the first one I’ve seen that wasn’t new.

“there was no chart plotter (a surprise to the "experienced" sailor who followed us)”

None is listed on the equipment list

“ no dinghy pump, pliers, can opener.”

What’s really strange is Barefoot has always been anal about an inventory list that the charter needs to sign off on. Did you do the inventory?

“the main sail interfered with the lazy jacks on close hauls,”

Loosen the jack lines maybe

“the battery never held a charge of more than 12.5 amps and we were told never to let it drop below 12 amps. as a consequence we could never run lights or fans or even the anchor light at night “

Could that have been “12 volts”? Anyway that would stink, but apparently the next charter had no problem with that. They must have fixed that issue

“the lifeboat hadn't been serviced since 2004.”

Lifeboat? In the Grenadines? For what? Your dinghy is your escape. You can at least row it. Get in the lifeboat and your next stop is maybe the DR or Florida or NYC

“the toilet backwashed and was thus often filled with pee water or worse”

Just a “heads” up in the future. The procedure for using a pump style head is – “Wet it (the arrow pointing in) - “Use it” – flip the lever and “evacuate it” (the arrow pointing out” – repeat without the “Use it” part. The waste needs to get over the built in up loop before it can exit the thru hull.
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