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Re: Google Glass and it's effect on sailing

Originally Posted by PaulinVictoria View Post
For me, the whole point of going sailing is to be disconnected from the rest of the world. I spend all day being bombarded by technology and demands for my attention. On the boat, the only demand is the boat. The last thing I would want is to look at something on the shore and a damn great pop-up advert blocks my vision (you just know that is going to happen). I just don't think there is that much information that *has* to be in front of your eyes all the time on a sailboat. Perhaps if you are an AC racer then yes, I can see how you might find it useful, but for most us, well, we aren't moving along at several hundred miles an hour and things just don't happen that quick.
Paul is pretty close to the mark on this for me.

I'm not anti-technology, but I doubt Google will allow me the luxury of restricting my display to "sailing data" on my Google Glass. I'll be bombarded with texts, email and advertisements. There's no way in hell, that I will go out sailing with all of that in my vision.

I see the value for racers, not so much for cruisers (and I do both).

Plus, I wear prescription eye glasses now. I absolutely HATE them when I'm sailing, and I switch to contact lenses. I'm not about to put on contact lenses so that I can go sailing with a Google Glass strapped to my head. I want to be free, and unencumbered.

Once, I left my phone ringer on by accident while sailing. My phone rang, and I foolishly answered it out of concern that one of my daughters might be trying to contact me. You can imagine my rage when it turned out to be a telemarketer interrupting my moment of Zen out on the water.

I might own a Google Glass someday, but it'll be off, shoved into the galley drawer while I'm sailing.

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