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Re: Never Buy a New Hanse

Originally Posted by Frankschicketanz View Post
The ceo of Hanse, Dr. Gerhardt wrote me and told me that my boat left the yard "tadellos", meaning flawless and anything that happened after it left the yard does not concern him. When I made him aware that Toyota, General Motors and Ford among others had to have cars recalled because some problems first become apparent after delivery and use, he said to leave him alone - discussion over. I just wonder how a company like Hanse in such a competitive market can treat its customers with such distain and distrust. If the ceo of a company claims its product is flawless it seems to make a mockery of the concept of a warranty!
I must say, I do not understand some of the comments here. If I really ran the boat aground and damaged the rudder, why would I "rant" against Hanse? And if it was the bankrupt German dealer who damaged the rudder during delivery, am I wrong to assume that Hanse should bear responsibility, since I cannot collect from a company that no longer exists?
Dearest Frankenschnitzel,

It's pretty simple. Hanse has a pretty good reputation - and has for a long time. You're a new poster slamming them, "quoting" the CEO as saying stuff that kind of stretches credulity.

I'm not saying you're making this stuff up - but until real evidence is produced, you're just another anonymous dude posting rants on the interwebs. Blah, blah, blah....
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