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Re: Google Glass and it's effect on sailing

Originally Posted by manatee View Post
That's not what he's saying.

From a new F.A.A. report due out shortly:

"...pilots rely too much on automation in the cockpit and are losing basic flying skills. Relying too heavily on computer-driven flight decks now poses the biggest threats to airliner safety world-wide, the study concluded. The results can range from degraded manual-flying skills to poor decision-making to possible erosion of confidence among some aviators when automation abruptly malfunctions or disconnects during an emergency."

This is not new tech, I worked on HUD systems 40 years ago on attack aircraft in the Navy, and there were problems then with target-fixation and pilot distraction. That's why they had to convert some aircraft to 2-seaters, the 2nd seat for someone to handle all the electronic wizardry while the other guy kept the plane from falling out of the sky. Even today our newest ships are having accidents because people are letting tech take the place of basic seamanship,- and those folk are professionals. What makes you think recreational boaters will be less susceptible to error?

Used judiciously and conscienciously, this latest gizmo may be a useful *tool* in the hands of someone who has basic "old-school" seamanship down to a second nature. To me it seems a little too much like driving-and-texting,- and you know how badly wrong that can go.

Your signature lacks something in technophilic flavor,- may I suggest replacing "corked bottle" with "subspace tachyon beam"?
I agree it can become a crutch if a person allows it. It can be a lot of information. The list of things I said could be useful was not a list for everything at once. It would be too much for one person and one eye for that matter to comprehend while also trying to think. But I'm not disagreeing that it could be a distraction either. I'm just disagreeing with the notion that because it's new and some don't think it will work, doesn't mean it's not good technology. It's progression and innovation. I can't see how everyone is saying it's that distracting, it's less distracting than looking at a chart plotter or tac tick display on the bulkhead. And of course, if I were cruising I wouldn't use it because there's no need, maybe putting it on coming into a busy harbor or unknown Island or such. But I race and I see application for it there big time, it could help the skipper or driver keep focused in front where he/she should be looking.

Haha Yea, well you see the bottle is made of generation 3 Corning Gorilla Glass and the cork is space age foam... And you better believe that letter in the bottle is on a flexible e-ink screen. Is that better? Haha!

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