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Re: Google Glass and it's effect on sailing

Originally Posted by JimMcGee View Post
There's a LOT of information displayed on a plotter, put that much information on glasses in front of your eyes and you'll sail right into the side of a tanker. That's why heads up displays offer a minimum of critical information.

At 6 knots how much "real time" information do you need? Wind speed, depth? I can get that by glancing at the large displays on my binnacle.

How often do you glance down at the detail on your plotter while sailing? It's a reference that you check periodically, you certainly don't stare at it.

Plotters have become ubiquitous because they offer a real advantage over paper charts in the cockpit. I don't see google glasses offering that same kind of obvious advantage.
Well that is part of the advantage, you get an equivalent of like an 80 inch screen, transparently projected ahead of you, more data in less confined space of a chart plotter. I could see it giving good info overlaid on top of what is out there. You want to hail that big tanker you might be running into, look at it and the AIS will show you what the tanker is doing, and the name, so you can hail him by name and advise him of your intentions. Now glance down into the companion way and it will show the name of the song playing, and with a blink you can change to the next song on the play list. Look up at your sails and it could projection the optimal shape so you can trim it to get the most speed. Then look over at the boat next to you and it will show you exactly what she looks like under that swim suit, and with the facial recognition you have her phone number, and Facebook page and can see that she is single, looking for a sailor.

Then comes my real issue:

Originally Posted by PaulinVictoria View Post
For me, the whole point of going sailing is to be disconnected from the rest of the world. I spend all day being bombarded by technology and demands for my attention. On the boat, the only demand is the boat. The last thing I would want is to look at something on the shore and a damn great pop-up advert blocks my vision (you just know that is going to happen). I just don't think there is that much information that *has* to be in front of your eyes all the time on a sailboat. Perhaps if you are an AC racer then yes, I can see how you might find it useful, but for most us, well, we aren't moving along at several hundred miles an hour and things just don't happen that quick.
I work on computers all day during the week, and the last thing I want to do is look through one all day on the weekends when on a sailboat. I imagine my kids would love to. It seems to be a generational thing. I have seen them in action. Saw someone walking around Ikea in a pair. They do look dorky, but not too obtrusive. I think that is where this is really going to take off, they aren't huge and don't look obvious. The guy I spoke to said he loves them, but was not really allowed to show them to me. You could tell he really wanted to though.
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