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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by mark2gmtrans View Post
Okay, after a very long absence, ( I think I had withdrawals and everything LOL) I got a chance to get on here and check in you guys...

Beautiful boats from Bob, good comments from many others, pointed sarcasm and some great wise cracks from Smackers, and of course BS from BS...

I have been out in the wild world of work trying to stack up a little cash to be able to meet my own goals on purchasing a nice boat, and I have done fairly well, so hopefully sometime next year. The K43 Kettenburg I want is still available, and I think it will still be by the time I get all my money together and can take a few months off to get her and move her up further into the PNW to ado a little more work on her.

I was actually up in Astoria, Oregon the other day and man, I really miss the ocean. It was cool, and rainy, and just awesome. Unfortunately I was incredibly ill and I just could not go out and do anything, seems the flu or possibly a mild ( if that was mild I would hate to have seen harsh) case of food poisoning. I wanted to go do some stuff but all I could do was get a room at the hotel and hibernate in between trips to the head.

You guys have fun, and enjoy your discussions, I am up in New Jersey today and hopefully on the way back to Texas tonight, so I won't have time to do much here either. It is too bad that my work is a lot like work, not like Bob's work which is a lot like a love affair...

I've heard some have greatly improved those Kettenburgs by pulling the keel hung rudder off and replacing it with a separate rudder much further aft, hung on a skeg. I did that on my first boat and the improvement was huge. The hull was still unbalanced , but at least I could control her her downwind.
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