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Re: " All Is Lost" movie

Saw the movie, pretty predictable and there's two hours of my life that I'll never get back. Some good scenes, special effects and the foley artists probably had a blast, but overall pretty bad movie. It is fun to critique, though, both good and bad points. A Cal 39 would have either bounced of the container or dented it, not the other way around. Notice when he "docked" it to the container by ramming it head on? Didn't even scratch the gelcoat. I would have stuffed some cushions or that sail or something in the hole to begin with and not tack around and watch the water come pouring into the boat. How did that crummy patch job work in all that rough weather? Why in the hell would anyone be trying to raise an over sized storm jib in a hurricane instead of just trying to ride it out with bare poles? And what in the hell was he hanking it on to? Notice the jib was furled and no extra forestay. No EPIB or spare radio, flare gun, etc. Spare GPS handheld? Guy must be a genius to learn celestial navigation so fast, but at least it was realistic enough that he had the tables and a watch. Why would you keep letting the water get into the boat rather than close the hatch boards when outside? Would you really go down below and take a long snooze while you were single handing? What the hell is the guy doing shaving when he knows a big one is coming and the boat is torn up? Speaking of water, ever hear of a bucket? (There is no better bilge pump than a scared guy with a bucket). He did have some belts of whiskey or something, which is what any sailor would have done to get "rum brave."
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