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Re: Missing Boat Found- No Skipper

Originally Posted by miatapaul View Post
Originally Posted by christian.hess View Post
thats your opinion..

and this isnt my penis is bigger than yours contest either but in my 24k nm sailing history I HAVE been in instances where I just cant go down...

that might be becaise I usually sail more simple boats with only maybe one form of self steering, or maybe it might be that I unfortunately got in a situation that I couldnt take a quick break from the helm...who knows? not the point!


is it that hard to beleive that other people have other points of view?

I mean what if your autopilot failed, and you lost something oevrboard, or your sail got stuck, or whatever I mean there are infinite scenarios...yet you think there will ALWAYS be a chance to go down into the head and sit down and take a pee?


its not all about what I think...we must always see other points of view

I think if it were me and I was in that situation a simple solution is just pee on the cockpit floor. Simple matter of flushing it off with a bucket when you get a chance. Simple and safe.
Doesn't get much simpler than something like a painter's cup... attach a light lanyard to dip it in the drink for a rinse...

A plastic dinghy bailer could serve a double function, as well...

Never ceases to amaze, or amuse, how complicated some can make something as simple as taking a leak... :-)

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