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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by aeventyr60 View Post
Don't get yer panties into an uproar there Brent. Of course GRP is the hull. Still don't see any big cost savings. Yep, sure lots of bits and pieces can be fabricated from the scraps, found it interesting when the guy had to cut some 125+ tabs for the interior, weld another 100 or so SS nuts to the deck and all the other detail work you conveniently forget to mention. Wiping down the interior hull with vinegar, finding a guy to spray foam the interior, galvanizing the stringers, etc, etc, etc. Sounds like folks had to run all over creation to cob together a boat.
I have 35 tabs holding my interior in. Took under an hour, a lot less time than glassing bulkheads in. Using a laser pointer off a centreline wire made them very easy to do ,and accurate.I have never had to weld 125 nuts or any ss nuts on deck. I dont know why anyone would.To be liveable in BC, any boat, including GRP needs to be well insulated . Finding a sprayfoamer takes a few minutes checking the yellow pages, not too physical. Wiping the interior with vinegar taks a few minutes, again not terribly physical labour.
As you can weld all the deck hardware down, it takes far less time than bolting and bedding stuff to fibreglass, and unlike a fibreglass hull, it will never leak or work loose.
So how about posting a quote for the fibreglassing materials to build a 36 foot hull and deck , so we can compare it to the $9 K for the plate for a 36 ft steel hull and deck etc? Then post the costy of all the gear we build out of $1.50 a pound scrap stainless, plus the anchors we build out of hull' scraps.

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