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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Brent, baby, it takes ZERO "steel boat experience" to compare your conflicting claims in one post with those in another. It takes ZERO "steel boat experience" to research your untrue claims on the interwebs.

So actually, yes, I (and others who care to take the time to check them out) can easily spot your frequent "inaccuracies" when you post. You're just not that smart...despite your YEARS of "steel boat experience". Such experience simply makes the whoppers that much more inexcusable. So I'm just trying to make sure your inaccuracies/whoppers don't bite anyone else in the ass.

BTW - I'm sitting on my Hunter, toasty warm with a 2 degree C north wind blowing 25 knots, I'm drinking a fine scotch, listening to great music, and glad I'm not stuck with a steel boat and the bitterness that seems to come with it.
Take it easy on that scotch .It explains why you believe you can pick numbers out of the air, and belive they are more accurate than hands on experience. Is drunkeness directing your posts? It appears to be.
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