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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by chucklesR View Post
My eldest is a steroliographer or however you spell it - means 3d printer on steroids for all I understand it.
I bet he'd have a blast working that up.

Maybe I can get him to do me so $2 dollar blocks up.

I just need to find the magical 3/8 bolts that Brent uses, I can't find any with a tensile strength he says a common one found in a junk yard will have.

Smacky, how, if he ever delivers that block, do you propose to test it?
I had a thought you could use a fish scale to measure the pounds and have one of your sons pull on it until it falls apart. That should do it.
I'd love to find a 3D printer here, who could take the parts of a cheap set of reading glasses, and copy them in nylon or polypropylene ,to make some which would never break.

How do you find the magical 3/16th shackles and pins on a $25 Garhaur block, or the 14 gauge beckets, to match a 3/8th ss bolt? How do you find a half inch jib sheet which is stronger than the sheer strenth of a 3/8th inch ss bolt? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Most riggers match things up for equal strength. So check the boats in your marina, and see what size of rigging wire is held up by 3/8th inch bolts or clevis pins. Then check the tensile strength of that size rigging wire.
I'd like to see this son who can break an inch and a quarter of 3/16th aluminium, times two, with a tensile strength of 45,000 PSI, or sheer a 3/8th inch stainless bolt off, by hand.

Sounds like Steve is not the only one into the scotch today

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