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Is this Forum FAIR OR SLANTED ?...

I surf these pages fairly regularly, the forums have such a mixture of things going on that they sometimes require indepth reading and thought. The moderators seem to do a resonable job of being neutral and let the sailing community say what ever is on their mind.

I was reading the thread on the BN sailmaster thing, it was heated and interesting. A little more provocative than, where I was in the Keys stories, or how to peel 15 layers of antifouling off your bottom... Actually I raced back in those days, on a few well know yachts but I was fortunate in that I knew the owners and was invited. The 'boat hand' was some one I came to admire, he knew the yacht up side and down side. Not only did he know the yacht but there was not a manouevr he could not organise or train the newbies how to perform with out mistake... he was the ultimate professional.
I guess had I been younger I would have liked to been in his shoes... Alas I am confined to Yacht charters and sailing my little boat on the Solent.

So the thread with Mr Sailmaster was an interesting discussion.. some how it seemed to get bogged down in that all time problem, what people call people..Never understood that... my parents taught me sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you.... so weather its ****, wog,******,***,kite,muslim,raghead.... name one every one knows them...
what the heck...unless you want to hurt some one and say it to there face they are only words.... no value

Now this is the internet, freedom of speech and all that good stuff... sorry as a brit we can say what we want and to whom....i believe it is the same over there ... unless you are still running under dicator bush... we have Herr Blair.. same thing differnt disgusie.....bottom line is that Mr.camardarie was way out of line...
1. he expressed his personnel interest in the thread and his opinion, what ever happened to being neutral ???
2. he issued threats to mr sailmaster... banning for his response to another reply....what ever happened to just letting things just go and die a natural death ???
3. and after visiting his web page, it became apparent why....sorry any one who dresses in those yachtie clothes is just not taken seriously around here.. for goodness sakes,,, and after surfing his page discover he is an expert on the the 'ditch' and the east coast run ... come on do some real sailing... trans atlantic ? europe ? OHHH Great Britain ?? ( tides will confuse him)..and he runs this forum... experince and dress says heaps...

So the question is this....
Who's opinion matters ?
the one of a moderator who wants all things nice and comfortable... or the one of the clients who log on here and voice there opinions and questions about life, sailing and the state of the oceans...

Me I'm just a britsailor with no money and a little boat, ,,, no 60 ft ketch with all the works and the nice old money that comes from being born in the right place... what is it that americans call it... WASP.....over here its called LORD... but then they dont seem to have all that attitude and EGO!!

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