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Re: Cape Dory 25 - Project boat

Be wary of letting prior owners help you with work as a part of any deal. I've done that twice now and will never do it again, the work always ends up sloppy and poorly done. I've had to redo all of it.

I would buy it as is and get someone else to help you.

As for the CD25, most of the boats Cape Dory made came well constructed (relatively to other manufacturers, anyway) and will take a lot of abuse. I know some people here will scoff at the age of the designs, but overall the construction quality is good...

That said, the earlier models (pre 76/77) that I've looked at were not built as well as later models. It seems to me that the better years for Cape Dory boats are around 79 to 85, earlier than that had more flaws and later than that may as well. That's a blanket statement and isn't always true, but it is generally, based on what I've seen and observed.

The biggest thing to look out for, aside from typical fiberglass boat issues (decks, blistering, etc), are the chainplate backings. For a period of time, Cape Dory made their chainplate backings out of mild steel and many have corroded badly. The backings on our boat are fine, mostly because the fittings were properly bedded by the factory and didn't leak onto the steel, so they haven't corroded badly. In other cases, prior owners rebedded the hardware wrong, resulting in bad corrosion of the backing plates, some so bad they flaked apart. I know a lot of people knock Cape Dory for this decision, but TBH I'd have done the same thing, at least steel is easy to inspect for corrosion, stainless not so much. That said, if they are corroded badly, it is a non-trivial repair. If the chainplates remained bedded properly, this shouldn't be an issue.

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