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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Picking up wet firewood from the beach is more fun than you might think.
Or not. Wet firewood?

I live on the beach. The beach is covered in wood. It gets wet. Really wet.
BS would need a shed built on the back of his boat for his firewood. This I know. This is where I live. Picking up wood off the beach for the eveneing's fire is a myth. Pure BS.

I have two nice Jotul Norwegian fireplaces, one in the living room and one in the master bedroom. I do not burn beach wood in them. Too much salt. Too much corrosion. I have one fireplace going now. It is nice.

Chain saw a foot off the end of a log, and inside it is as dry as summertime. A friend in Scotty bay used a heater made from an old propane bottle , burning nothing but beach wood. It lasted 13 years . The mild steel baffle in my last stove lasted decades, burning nothing but beach wood. The guys selling the firewood perpetrate the myth that beach wood will corrode out your stove, then sell you a cord of their beach wood. Don't believe them.
I build my stoves out of scrap stainless type 316 , which shows no sign of corrosion in decades. My last stove had a bit of 400 series stainless, which eventually corroded out, after 29 years!
Piling wood behind the stove to dry it out, before putting it in the stove, works well. Wet wood in an already roaring stove burns ok, but creosotes up the pipe sooner.
Fir bark burns well, and the water drains out of it over a few days. Store it in a sail bag. Many of my friends have been using nothing but beach wood, for decades in many cases.
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