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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Seems you are just an all round hater Brent.

Me? I'd like to sit down and chat with anyone who loves boats. I'm a boat lover. Workboats, yachts, powerboats, dinghies, I just like boats. I try hard not to be judgemental towards the owners. I work at taking each person for who they are and not what they sail. You seem to have distilled judgmentalism down to a way of life. You make sweeping generalizations on the character of peolpe by the boats they sail, by what material their boats are made of, by who built the boat, by who designed their boat. Amazing. Meaning, if it's not a BS boat (I love it) then the boat is no good and the owners are no good. They are fools. You have said it time and again. The myopic world of BS. (I know you are etymogically challenged Brent but you can Google it.)

That is what I call ignorance. You do it superbly, over and over.
I have nothing against your boats.
I think little of you.
Me too. Love boat people, especially practical boat people , who build their own gear, enjoy doing it, and who don't swallow hook line and sinker whatever the industry is selling, but openly question it, before buying. I especially like those who ask the question "Can I build it better?" I have always advocated learning everything your current boat has to teach you, whatever it is, before changing boats.
I remember in my youth, seeing a boat going downwind in a fine fair sailing breeze, motoring, with the sails down and the sail covers on. It used to bother me ,someone wasting such a fine breeze.
Now I see him doing exactly what he should be doing, using HIS boat exactly the way He feels like using her, at the moment , regardless of how anyone else thinks he should be using her .
I strongly believe in what I make, and reject any suggestion that anyone should seek out a builder or designer who doesn't particularly believe in what he is doing.
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