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Re: Why are there so many Hunter haters?

to be fair the hunter 380 i sailed was poorly maintained and an ex charter boat but i still believe theres a lot of things that the eu standards don't address because for the most part they test wether the boat is safe to take across not whether the voyage will be pleasant, beamy boats with open interiors are a lot more tricky to move around in in bad weather, although that could be because i am used to my own fairly narrow boat,I do have to say the electrical and plumbing installations n production boats including hunters are a lot better than a lot of good brands older boats. high freeboard and the b&r rigs are two other things i dont like about hunters,

although alot of modern boats have high freeboard ive noticed that hunters for the most part have considerably more freeboard than alot of catalinas that could be untrue, its just something i have noticed from seeing them on the dock, we dont have many hunters in the marina my boat was at but when i sailed in toronto there were quite a few, i just think that the fit and finish and the construction of hunters while it may be good enough to make them safe for one or two ocean passages wouldn't hold up for extended offshore use like a najad would. My opinion is really formed off that one experience i had, i put more stock in what i have personally experienced than in what the literature or the data or posters say about a boat, I don't think that a hunter would fall apart going across an ocean but i think a hunter under 35 or 40 feet probably would after extended offshore use, just things like cabinetry and bulkheads not being tabbed is kind of worrying but maybe what i experienced was a fluke.

i do know a guy who made it across lake huron in a hunter 22 in 7 or 8 foot waves with the mast down so maybe your right. I don't think my boat without the modifications i have done would withstand multiple ocean passages either, but there are boats that would and i have heard really good things about the passage series of hunters, again this is only really based on the one negative experience i had with the 380 which i believe was designed before glen henderson it was introduced in 1999 according to sailboat data. that being said the 290 i sailed seemed pretty decent but i never experienced it in bad weather so i assume being of the same vintage it would have similar issues that the 380 had, the 39 i sailed however was actually pretty nice with the exception of the b&r rig which i dislike, it had a nice cockpit, and a well organized galley, I'm just biased towards c&c's rustlers hallberg rassys najads and a few other brands. hunters are just not a boat i like, i dont like the beneteau oceanis series either, i love beneteaus first series though, just personal preference, feeling and one bad experience really.

We all have preferences and jeff h knows alot more than i do about yacht design all i know is my gut feeling and in some way gut feeling is actually an important measure because if you feel comfortable on a boat your more likely to be a good sailor because you feel more confident, and in the end 75 percent of everything is the person not the boat, which is why i said that for my purposes hunters dont fit the bill but other people may feel more comfortable on a hunter than a hallberg rassy. i don't own a boat from any of the brands i mentioned btw but those are the brands i'm saving up for because those are the boats i feel comfortable in for now i sail the boat that i have now which is the most comfortable boat in my price range.
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