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Re: This is hope! (3 young adults fix P30 and head out to sea)

Originally Posted by ScottUK View Post
I would imagine your barb was directed towards my posts. My posts were in response to an idiotic jab cloaked as a pearl of wisdom.
right off the bat, i take offense at that. for my part, i have avoided immature name calling towards you, despite my opinion of your own assertion that keynesian economics works and that history bears that out, despite the outrageous government spending and inflated national debt which has, in no way, done anything to reduce unemployment( quite the opposite). in fact, out of respect for this thread, i have kept from responding to you, at all, and kept to the subject of this thread. your manner, however, has been insulting , quite in opposition to the friendly discussion that i was having with Unimacs, previously.

now, that Minnewaska has pointed out, for the second time, that such a discussion does not belong in this thread and does nothing to further the subject, you are being nasty to him. how is that justified?

for our part, Unimacs and i stopped discussing economics/politics, although the nature of our discussion was friendly and respectful, because we realized he was right. such a discussion only detracts from this thread. Minnewaska shouldn't have had to mention it, again, but you deliberately started up, and persisted , after we had respectfully left the subject behind. it should be noted, in Minnewaska's defence, that the title and subject of this thread has nothing to do with economic theory. it is a discussion about a sailing video and a discussion of the future of sailing. he was right to say it should return to that.

secondly, you say you were responding to a jab. who was i jabbing at? you? i didn't think you were an official in the United States government or that you were responsible for the economic state of the country. so, i can't imagine how you were responding to a jab, of any sort. if a bit of my own views crept into my post ( less than a dozen words ), it was in no way a jab at you or an attempt to hi-jack this thread. last time i checked, people had a right to their views without having to be subjected to personal abuse, for them.

you seem to have to resort to nastiness, disrespect, and insult if you find someone who does not agree with your views.

previously, all discussion and debate, in this thread, has been friendly. perhaps, it might be good if everyone would hold to that standard.

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