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Okay - we've got more information now ... there are four guys except when the one with the schizoid tendencies forgets to take his medication and then there are five, but we'll assume that the two of him are never in the same place at the same time, so let's go with four for now...and you've each got a max of 5K. So you've got 20K to work with and you're looking for a floating nookie palace. I can't imagine a banker being hesitant to lend four individuals suffering from serious hormone overload 80 thousand American dollars so that they can give their right hands a rest....

Here's a thought. Incorporate - 4 partners. Take your 20K and buy a condo as a business investment. Maintain it decently and rent it out. Keep sailing the cats and partying as you have been. In five years, sell the apartment, split the money and you can each go out and buy your own boats. If you still want to be together then you can get slips near each other in the marina. The banks will probably take that seriously...
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