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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
Your suggestion that a fibreglass boat is built with zero environmental foot print assumes that resin is not a petroleum product. that the metal in the engine is never mined nor smelted, it originates at the factory , by "Magic" as does the material in the DVD's and books he uses.. Resin doesn't come from oil nor the tar sands? Where does it come from? The marine store? Ya sure Steve, the same way meat doesn't come from cows, but from the super market?
And you don't have an environmental foot print? Do you power your car with methane from your posts? Your electricity is "produced" at the outlet by "Magic?"
I have never claimed that my boats don't have an environmental foot print. Just that when one moves aboard, his environmental foot print is drastically reduced from that of people living the "Designated " consumer lifestyle.
Yes this is off topic , but when Steve spouts his foolish disinformation, it must be challenged . Such crap, unchallenged, is naively accepted as truth , by some.
Wow - for a dude who piously shuns scotch, you sure do confuse easily.

What is typed and what you understand from those words are just two completely different things. You have a real hard time following a point. See - this is why no one believes you when claim someone said something or other. You just never get it right. So the links to the actual quotes are very important for you if you ever want people to believe you.

Here - let Sloop's summation help you out. He understood the point perfectly:

Originally Posted by SloopJonB View Post
He was suggesting (and I agree) that utilizing an EXISTING glass boat has a smaller footprint than making NEW steel for a new steel boat.

Tough to have a smaller footprint than using already existing stuff.
When it comes to boats, I advocate (and practice) recycling by buying existing boats. You advocate (and practice) building new ones out of steel - which is blatant consumerism that destroys the environment more than it already is.

So in this case, your planet-killing carbon footprint is WAY bigger. Just sayin'.

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