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Giulietta has declared: "WHEN, I mean WHEN, did I not give a serious answer to a serious question that deserves a serious answer?? Name one occasion...."

The answer is January 25, 2007! A member asked if anyone on the list could help identify the type and manufacturer of boat in a picture provided. I spent a couple of minutes playing on the Internet and came up with the identity of the boat and its owner. Giulietta then responded that I was like the guy in the joke who could identify people from the color of their feces (what a yuk, huh?)!

So lets see, according to Giulietta, asking for help identifying a particular boat doesn't deserve a serious answer, or the person who answered the question deserves to be ridiculed. Nice--to me that's nao engraçado!

Edited by Cam...personal attack.

Now I don't think that's nice, funny, or appropriate, but I can imagine Giulietta holding his sides as he's laughing so hard.

Here's a thought--take a look at the threads on this list and see how many have ended with a Giulietta comment. Why so many? Could it be because his response is the absolute definitive word on the subject, or is it because he has taken the content of the thread to nadir?

As Mark Twain once opined: ""It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."
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