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Thanks Courtney.
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Bristol- edited by cam for content
THIS IS TOTALLY OUT OF F-ING LINE!!! No one, and I mean NO ONE makes any comments about someones family!!!!

"As Mark Twain once opined: ""It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.""
You want serious comments?? Take your own advise!!!

"Here's a thought--take a look at the threads on this list and see how many have ended with a Giulietta comment. Why so many? Could it be because his response is the absolute definitive word on the subject, or is it because he has taken the content of the thread to nadir?"

Maybe, just maybe it's because he spends more time here than you and alot of others????? Maybe he answers more questions than you???? Does he do it with humor, I hope so.

If you want serious threads, post them. If you want serious replies to questions, provide them. Don't lurk in the shadows and complain things aren't to your liking!!!!

I think this thread brings up a valid concern that we should all be aware of. I confess to being a prime offender, but that is also one of the reasons I come here. If this were to become a straight Q&A forum it would be boring and I can find that on any number of other site.

Cam- How many PM's did you get on this topic? More than there are regular contributors who also post jokes??? I doubt it.

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