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Originally Posted by Bristol324DD
Giulietta has declared: "WHEN, I mean WHEN, did I not give a serious answer to a serious question that deserves a serious answer?? Name one occasion...."

The answer is January 25, 2007! A member asked if anyone on the list could help identify the type and manufacturer of boat in a picture provided. I spent a couple of minutes playing on the Internet and came up with the identity of the boat and its owner. Giulietta then responded that I was like the guy in the joke who could identify people from the color of their feces (what a yuk, huh?)!

So lets see, according to Giulietta, asking for help identifying a particular boat doesn't deserve a serious answer, or the person who answered the question deserves to be ridiculed. Nice--to me that's nao engrašado!

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Now I don't think that's nice, funny, or appropriate, but I can imagine Giulietta holding his sides as he's laughing so hard.

Here's a thought--take a look at the threads on this list and see how many have ended with a Giulietta comment. Why so many? Could it be because his response is the absolute definitive word on the subject, or is it because he has taken the content of the thread to nadir?

As Mark Twain once opined: ""It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

I actually wanted to post thius before but lost my internet it shows up after all the above..sorry.

Dear Sir,

Initially I was not going to reply to you…you simply don’t deserve it…or maybe you do….

But, since I am a nice guy…..or so it seems…

1) You DO NOT call me a Portygee, I am Portuguese citizen, and if you have trouble in spelling the name of my Country , I will gladly assist you. (you do not have that right, its offensive for me, I don’t call you names…you, Sir…please treat me with same respect).
2) You obviously DO NOT UNDERSTAND where the “fine line” is….you may offend me, or my boat….(specially my boat, since it seems to annoy you)….I can take that…YOU DO NOT BRING MY FAMILY to ridicule here, you got that??? Even as fool as I may seem to you, I HAVE NEVER done that to a member here. This remark has given you a formal complaint with Camaraderie. It was also very offensive….my family is not here to defend it self…that was a low blow….
3) The probable reason why I end up being the last can be attributed to many things…..I missed the class where they thought “thread psychology”…but have you given a thought that I normally only joke towards the end of the thread as it is dead, and stop when necessary????
4) I have not read Mark Twain….but have read other authors….and would never use the work of someone to classify you…that’s offensive. Want to call me fool, do it with your own words… creative...not smart...
5) The few times I offended anyone, (I repeat few), was because lack of understanding, or because, me as a foreigner couldn’t master what I meant in English.
However…upon understanding I had offended I promptly sent a PM apologizing…that happened to Sailortjk, about the beneteaus, Capkermie, about the macgreggor, chrityleigh, about what “sitting there” and “cute” meant to me, and one other I can’t remember…but we made our peace and in fact became friends….
6) On that particular day….my joke was actually a compliment to you…..the joke goes about a guy that worked for the secret services and knew everything…until a guy to test him….took a feces in a Parrot cage, and …..well…if don’t want to tell you the joke….If it offended you should have told me…you didn’t, let me revive the thread for you, so you see you didn’t…and I did not understand as such….I would have gladly deleted it…as I did before….

From that same post….you said later….

More on the KING YUNE HOU
If you're in Taiwan, you might want to look the owner up--his name and address are:

DASI CITY, 33556

I don't know whether this is the Dasi in Taoyuan County or the small town in Yilan County on the east side!!

Blue Water Boats Inc was located in Woodinville, Washington until bought out in 1979 by Nordic Yachts. From their history: "Blue Water Boats Inc. built a double-ended ocean ketch, of the "Ingrid" design. Its design came from the many beautiful double-ended sailboats in Norway in the nineteenth century. The designer of most of these was Colin Archer, a Norwegian with a Scottish name. The "Ingrid 38" plan was actually modernized in 1934 by William Atkin, and published in Popular Mechanics Magazine for the benefit of boat builders everywhere."

So lets here for the eagle eyes who identified her correctly as either an Archer or Atkins!!!

Giulietta, why not meet me for lunch at the A Choupana in Estoril or even better seeing the KING YUNE HOU is in Taiwan we could discuss your post over at the Estoril Mandarin in the Casino! You're buying!”…..


To which I replied in a friendly manner…..

“Just let me know when you arrive....I live in one of those houses in the hill behind the casino...

The Choupana is OK, but I'll take you somewhere else much better, less tourists!! The mandarin I believe closed...not sure..

If you come this way, let me know.... ”

I actually invited you over….my mistake…..

Here’s the thread…if you don’t believe

This is my last post to you…unfortunately…I think you’re just looking for a fight….and that….I don’t do…you don’t deserve it….

Thanks for ruining my day…..


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