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"They also recomended sealing the wax after it was applied. "
Ah, you've got to love marketing and marketers. So, they want you to apply a synthetic sealant on top of the "natural" seal the sealant? Let me guess, the wax coat is just there to distribute atmospheric stresses from passing jetskis, preventing the hull and the teflon sealant from delaminating.
(See? I can pitch horsepucky too!)

I've got this real strong hunch that PoliGlow (however you spell it) is the same product that revolutionized the auto dealership "aftermarket" business in the US around 1980. You'd take a five dollar tube of the goo, heat it up in hot water, then wax (excuse me, polish) the car with it. And charge the customer about $300 instead of the $75 for a Simonize job, because it was so exotic.

IIRC the stuff was a decent synthetic polish, but even at $60 for the DIY market, LORD THAT'S EXPENSIVE POLISH. About 5x more than DuPont's own Gen-You-Whine Teflon products.

Until last year DuPont expressly said Teflon has to be baked on, it has no value as dust in a wax or finish. Then they introduced their own line of Teflon waxes, finishes, and polishes and even with a coupon for a free bottle or can--I didn't buy one, because there are so many different similar products, I just got sick trying to figure out which did what.

Collinite. Carnauba. Whatever! And a pox on all the "miracle product" hucksters and their houses!
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