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We own a '89 322 which is our first sailboat, so I can't really compare to other boats. I did do a lot of research before buying and from what I found the 322 has a reputation as a decent sailing boat compared to others in its class. Not a race boat, but not a slug. I have read reviews that the boat tends to develop a good deal of weather helm as the wind picks up and that is consistent with my experience. I have ordered a traveler sheeting system to help balance the helm on our boat. I've also read that it might be a good idea to put a reef in early if the wind pipes up, so I will try that if the traveler control doesn't solve the concern. We had a couple of "spirited" sails last year where the helm seemed excessively heavy to me though the boat was only heeled to around 20 degrees. Hopefully, the traveller system will allow us to spill some air (but keep sail shape) and balance the helm. I'm finding that my enjoyment of sailing revoles around making the boat go as fast as I can. I have a lot to learn but my most enjoyable sail so far was overtaking and passing another similar sized boat. So far though, it's usually been the other way round which has to be attributed more to our relative ignorance as any short coming of the boat.

Otherwise, we are very happy with the boat so far. The boat offers what has to be one of the most modern below deck plans for any boat of it's vintage. The layout compare with boats of 36-38 feet. We plan to continue to upgrade her to meet our needs over the next few years as we learn and explore the Chesapeake.

If you've found a nice 322, I'd suggest it will serve you as well or better than anything you are likely to find in the same price range.

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