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re 'The perfect boat'

tartan34c (RobertGainer)..regards..tried to send you a 'quick response' so iwould'nt bother the other viewers..but the system did not posting the usual way. Thanks for the response..yes the only boats that have the above criteria (except affordability) are the lifeboats owned by the coastgaurd...i'm trying to design one that is affordable..
I checked proffessional boat builders site and scanned the articles but could not find it..can you be more specific..i would really appreciate it...
tho i did find the site extremely interesting, and hopefully will find some answers to questions..since it seems a site for marine architects/boat builders/boat designers and the like.
You too belong to this category (from your profile) would you be interested in kindly answering some of my technical questions?..your response was the only one that took my post seriosly.
I have already made a small toy model that fullfils all the criteria..and now in the process of figuring out how to i mentioned i would like to develop the first prototype in the range of a 20 footer moterboat.
The problem i'm having to work out now is the self-righting a sailing boat its easy with an appropriate keel and/or a ballast tank....however in a motor boat?? could have a V-hull..with appropriate ballest..but the probably is not enough, unless you add a keel.
My first question is: how much would a keel hamper the boats speed?..are there formulas or charts that would guide me to limit the keel to a minimum?
Again remember were talking about a powerboat..actually one with an outboard (which is bad for its higher center of gravity)..
second question: if i choose an already manufactured boat that fits the initial shape and dimension..and plan to modify it to fullfill all the criteria of 'the perfect boat'..what would be the best way to attach/join the keel?..and where would be the optimum position?..i guess i'll have to build a test tank to test that..or what do you thik?
I've got a whole lot more questions..but i'm not sure if i'm boring i'll quit for. By the way i have done a lot of reading regarding buoyancy, displacement, displacement-length ratios, cg, cb, righting angle..etc..and have no problem regarding handling the 'unsinkable', 'self-bailing' and the 'multiple means of propulsion'..and its the 'self-righting' design in a powerboat is the the problem.
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