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Encapsulated or Bolt On Keel?

Are you trying to say that you think internally ballasted boats take ground better than externally
ballasted boats?
How fast were you going????
I dont dispute this happened to your Vanguard. They were built in a time when builders did not know alot about this material. Since the late sixties these relativly weak areas have been realized
and this acurance simply does not happen anymore because these areas are now heavily fortified because it is a very difficult area to work in. Furthermore,
a boat with a deep full modifided keel has its ballast very low in the keel. It would be hard to repair at any rate. But as I stated before, this problem has been delt with.
What do you think would have happened to the ex- ballasted boat in the same circumstance???. ex- ballasted boats require maintainance int ballasted
boats simply dont. Ex- ballasted boats do not take a collision well at all.And as far as speed, how much do you really benifit? A tenth, maybe two tenths of a kt?
My good friend had a Sabre 34 deep draft and I would beat him nine times out of ten. The truth is that with a well designed boat there really is not much of a difference,if any, at all. (Unless your talking about a racing sled)
The external ballasted boat came to pass simply because of the need for speed- and thats not a bad thing...
...just dont hit any thing.

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