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I have owned an eclectic(sp??) parrot.

She looked just like that bird.

They are extremely likeable, awesome pets. Live a very long time (you will pass down to your kids and grandkids). They are very smart. Greys build more of a one person bond than an eccletic or some of the others. People talk about keeping your parrott safe, etc from cats and dogs. Well, our parrott would attach BOTH! We did not have cats, but she had no problem nailing them. She hit Scooter so many times I cannot tell you. She would sit on my shoulder while I watched TV, and if he was anywhere near me, she would carefully walk down my leg, sneak up on him, and nail him. No lie. Finally Scooter started hiding under the bed. I am sure there are people with cats, dogs, and parrotts, but in my bit of experience, they are not a good mix. One of them (or all) will suffer. Just my opinion.

A parrott would be awesome on a boat. At the time, we were looking at a trawler, where she could comfortbaly sit in the cockpit in her cage. But, with all the rediculous regs on cruising and the fact that either she or Scooter had to go, we ended up GIVING (Yes, GIVING) her away to a old couple we knew that were serious parrott lovers but could not afford the up front. I could not give a crap about the money, it felt good and was the right thing to do and they still try and keep in touch with us.

If I were never going to leave the US, I would travel with a parrott. They are literally as smart (or smarter) than a 5 year old child. They form a very, very close bond with you (closer than a dog?? for those of you that have owned a dog).

There is a magazine published called the Parrott Quarterly. Really good info before you spend many thousands on a parrott. You don't have to get them real young, but the older parrotts seem to have problems letting loose of other ties and learning tricks. But, even an old one will make a good pet. There are rescue groups if you do not want to drop a couple of grand, plus cage, etc. Reputable breeders advertise there too - but most reputable breeders will INTERVIEW YOU!! Not you them. They will question the crap out of you about your knolwedge of the birds - and won't sell if they feel uncomfortable. They are a real committment -more than a dog becuase of the life span. I would compare it to a horse, perhaps, becuase both are expensive, take daily interaction, and live a long time. If you are not prepared for all three (plus the upfront $$), it will be a miserable experience for both you and the pet.

If you are looking for a first parrott, the eccletic is the most difficult but will bond with more than one, a grey is the most loving and caring but will typically only have one bond. The cages and equipment are very expensive. Budget 500-1000, easy. They need constant interaction, but you will immeditaely be the focus of attention in ANY crowd. Biggest predators are not cats, I think they are eagles & hawks (and other large predatory birds). Keep your eye on the sky. Dont quote me on the cat part, I just know our ecletic liked the taste of them. I guess a cat is a serious predator too.

All this said, I stand behind what I wrote earlier. If you are going outside the US, and maybe even inside, you will be very limited (to the point of miserable) with a parrott.

Hope that helps.

- CD

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