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Re: Recreational Sailboat vs. Tugboat with Barge: Who Has the Right of Way? - See mor

Originally Posted by pdqaltair View Post
A variation on the golden rule:

If you were at the helm of the tug, how would you feel about small boat trafic? Would it be your sincere wish that they would give you room? Would you fear, that in avoiding one boat you would confuse other trafic and increase risk of collision?

I sure apriciate it when kayaks stay out of the channel, though they are under no obligation to do so. The same manners apply here.

Additionally, the notion of big boat traffic dodging small boats (I might not be able to see what they are dodging) is disconcerting. I would rather big trafic stand-on, with the sole exception of small boats that have suddenly lost way (engines die). I would rather weave though through big traffic, knowing they will manuver in a predictable manner.
Agree, as mentioned earlier, if you do anything else, make sure your will is in order.

Although I don't remember anyone here saying they are/were going to challenge commercial traffic, just the existence of discussions about doing that surprises me?

Paul T
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