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I am once again referencing the ARC+ and the very fine performance of the Laurin 32, Corona Ag. The overweight, full keeled, short, ancient, double ender that is currently sailing faster than many of the much more modern, fin keeled boats. As I have participated in a number of similar events, I must disagree with the assessment of PCP and Classic30 and certainly many dozens of others.
It shows no respect what-so-ever for all the fine sailors in the boats behind the Laurin 32, to imply they are all poor sailors and only the sailors on Corona Ag are good sailors. That is Absurd. The reason that all of those boats are behind the Laurin is because they are slower. Under the circumstances that all of the boats are sailing under, all of the boats behind the Laurin are SLOWER. In almost all cases, if not all, the small boats participating are over loaded, have small crews, and doing the best they can, knowing it is a long haul. The lighter, fin keeled boat, is moving around more than the Laurin. The crew is probably a bit more fatigued. The boat is setting below its (original) lines and simply cannot carry the extra weight compared to the boat that was designed heavier in the first place and able to carry that weight. Remember that if the shape of the hull was correct at a given displacement, it is no longer correct at the displacement + 30%. Remember also that all of these boats are now in displacement mode but literally none of them have hull shapes optimizing a displacement speed.
The boats behind the Laurin are slower boats when cruising. What is being observed in this event is the norm. Are all of those boats always slower than the Laurin? No, of course not. They have the potential to be faster, when they are more empty, sailing in smoother water, and sailing within a weather window, as in a typical race.
PCP implied that the Bavaria Match 42 was a much faster boat than the Malo 43’s ahead of it. Well - NO. When the Bavaria 42 is more empty, has a racing crew and going the short distance, then yes. But, obviously, as shown, when that boat is loaded (or over loaded), has a small crew, has to run the long haul, etc, it is NOT the fast boat PCP says it is. It is slower than the heavier designed Malo.
The following quote is from Mikejohns of a different thread: “The best advice for anyone and especially designers is to sail offshore on different types of boats and see the difference”. Fewer things are more true. It is my own opinion that if the designers and theorist on this forum spent a little more time on the different boats, IN THE OCEAN, they may, in fact, design us better sea going boats, if they had enough integrity to do so.
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