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Hi ya all
As u know I grew up in florida and the water was my life but the military life has taking me from sea to land for most of my adult life...but now with a 18yo gone and a 16 yo in house... all I have been thinking for the past year two years is being in the water sailing....but cash and job has hinder me from that dream.... even more so that my husband is not a water person.... and I am living 4 hours from sea in Atlanta GA.... but i will keep dreaming...keep reading and continue to do a lot of virtual sailing while i'll wait for the day that the wind will be upon my face..the rain will be running down my back and the spirit of the ocean will speak my name.... till then I will live in my virtual sailing world reading of people like you... Yes, I continue reading and continue dreaming.. I did finally graduated with my BS degree..which came in the mail this past weekend.. funny, I don't feel any smarter...and I probably won't until I get out there on the water and build confidence in sailing the winds and battling the water... Hope all has been going well and that you have prepared for spring....jojo

Originally Posted by kjsailingSpring
Thank you Gentleman and ladies...Very good advice and tips. Jared...Thank you very much. I like the PVC idea in practicing docking. I will definately give that a try and I appreciate the encouragement. Every weekend I get a bit more comfortable. I have all the safety equipment except the strobe light. I also have been reluctant to run the jackline and attach the tether because I haven't gone that far off-shore yet but I'm probably being a bit foolish. Anytime out of sheltered water is probably a good idea to hitch up? I see so few sailors by with a tether; what is everyone's personal take on this?

JoJo...good luck with getting back to the water. I was patient for 15 years and now I've reached a time in my life when I have the money and a wee bit of time to escape to the water. My other half will not, under any circumstances, leave the dock. However, we have a wonderful agreement to let each other do their hobbies and at the end of the day we love each other twice as much for it. I hope your husband sees the benefit of a happy sailor wife!

Thank you again!
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