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Re: Rallies Gone Wrong

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post

Now Jon, about this...

Originally Posted by JonEisberg
Can you cite where the organizers of the Salty Dawg Rally have ever cited an argument touting 'safety in numbers'? Who is fostering such a perception, precisely?
...did you want to, ahm, clarify your position?
...did you want to, ahm, show me where the organizers of the Salty Dawg Rally have ever specifically cited an argument touting 'safety in numbers'? Perhaps that argument is buried somewhere in their 'Mission Statement', I just haven't found it, and so I will have to await your cite...

I suggest you re-read my earlier posts throughout this thread - particularly #373 and 375 - should you require additional "clarification" :-) Sorry, I'm close to being 'talked-out' on this issue, I don't see the point of having to repeat myself over and over, again...

Look, I've never denied that the perception of 'Safety in Numbers' exists surrounding these rallies. It always has, and always will...

I simply don't see where the organizers of the SDR are specifically fostering it, especially when they have bent over backwards to make it clear that each individual participant is solely responsible for making their own decisions regarding the preparation of their boats, and choosing their own route and time of departure from Hampton...

The herding instinct will always exist to a certain extent among sailors traveling in company, and following the seasons... Hell, I even see it among folks just motoring down the ICW - it's amazing how soon after passing thru Norfolk various 'herds' can form, often being guided by some Waterway Guru who might have made the trip before...

I simply think the organizers of the SDR have been unfairly targeted in this thread - especially when the way in which their rally is organized specifically places more personal responsibility upon each individual participant than the 1500, or most other rallies I know of...

And, I'm starting to grow weary of saying so over, and over, and over again... Which doesn't happen often, for me :-)

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