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Re: Bedding Deck Hardware With Butyl Tape

Originally Posted by Maine Sail View Post
It is used for this all the time and works very well. Also cleans off the teak easier than polyruethanes which tend to take half the deck with it when you remvoe them..

A teak deck is most always left to age natural silver so it is not slippery. Some use teak oils on teak decks but they can become slick in nasty weather......
Thanks Maine Sail!

I prefer the teak silvered, so I won't oil it or try to treat it in any way. But the question was whether I should seal the teak under the hardware to ensure adhesion for the butyl.

When I take off the hardware for rebedding (genoatracks, chainplates, stanchions, etc.) I could apply epoxy or varnish to the parts of the teak that will afterwards be covered. Earlier in the thread it has been recommended to seal wood before attaching with butyl as sealant. However, none of the cases referred to mounting hardware on a teak deck, which is why I asked my question.

As I stated, the teak deck is old and weathered, and previous owners have sanded it down, at least once, without taking off the hardware. Thus, the genua tracks and other stuff stands a bit proud, a couple of millimeters above the rest of the deck. When I take the hardware off, it is therefore easy to sand off a little, to ensure all previous sealant has been removed. That of course freshens the teak. So the question is really if the butyl will adhere well to this fresh teak, or whether I ought to seal it somehow.

Sorry for being so longwinded, I just want to be sure that my question is clear. And thanks a lot for you help in this thread and elsewhere on the net!
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