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Re: Why Pedote did not win the Mini - Transat - Fantastic story

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
My opinion about this sailor just went up. Somebody was mentioned he was not a top sailor....I did not agree then and much less now. Well, a top sailor on the Mini, when he passes to the Figaro class he would be least for one year or two

The story:

First we have to talk about the first stage between Douarnenez and Sada canceled: "I had to have an advantage of about twelve hours. then, 48 hours later, I heard on the radio that the race would be neutralized in Sada. "

... "Having heard the message of the organization ...with the second well
way back I approached the Spanish port of Sada and try to find the finish line. A boat comes up to me and announces that there is no finish line , without telling me anything more.

I thought it was something serious, a death or a serious incident for them to decide not to finish the race. When I heard that instead it was just a matter of bad weather, I was pissed. The Race Direction did not had the right of not giving a classification due to the already expected weather conditions.

If the Director Denis Hugues saw the necessity to stop the race, he had to provide a classification through a passage point where he considered safe and that would allow a secure passage to Sada for all.

In my opinion he did not have the right to cancel everything.

Pedote then retraces his race from Sada to Point a Pitre. "I knew I had tpo take the same strategy as when the stage canceled. I put myself at the head of the fleet, going for winds as strong as possible (40 knots). ...The first night I was making 13 knots with 30k wind when the the head of one of the two rudders exploded.

... To repair the damage, I worked with the two arms in the water , with a key and eight small bolts. Meanwhile, I called Marie Benoit with the VHF asking him to inform the direction of the race and I had activated the buzzer that indicates "Presence on board." When I saw the head of the rudder I said to myself that my race was over. ... I do not know how I did it - and in an hour and a half I had made ​​the repair and went back to full speed again.

A hundred miles later I realize that there was a crack at the junction of the canting keel. Again I thought: "I'm screwed.". ... I was abeam of Puerto Calero but I realized that if I stopped there for repairs my race was compromised .. So I decided to continue. ... I have chosen to risk rather than finish second. " COULD NOT SURF WAVES ANYMORE "From then on it was all very stressful. From time to time I put the the boat on automatic pilot and put my hands on the crack to see if it was getting bigger.

I thought to try a repair with resin, but I did not. Luckily, otherwise I would not have been able to repair the broken bowsprit at 300 miles from the finish.

... I never expected to lose the race. This second place is dificult to accept. "

..We asked Pedote what have he changed on his boat (named Magnum) after ..he bought it to David Raison. "I worked..on the shape of the sails to fit the way I steer, but I am not still 100% satisfied. Then, I moved the mast forward to make it less ardent. Finally, I disassembled piece by piece the boat for knowing it by heart and always be able to know what to do in the race. ...

- See more at: Giornale della Vela - Gli Speciali | Pedote Ero partito per vincere ma successo di tutto Giancarlo Pedote parla a ruota libera dopo la delusione del secondo posto alla Mini Transat ma mai
Wow! What an ordeal to go through and still come up just 2 hours short of victory. But also, what an example of superb seamanship, in the classic sense of the MT - dealing with each problem on your own, with no outside assistance, while continuing to compete as hard as you can. And, of course, we can say the same about Benoit Marie, as well. Indeed, in Benoit's case, he knew from the start, as well as Pedote, that 747 was faster in most conditions, and that it would require everything he had to win the race.

Perhaps the most important thing to note, from all this, is that everyone apparently knew from the very beginning that the scow was fast, and that this would give Pedote an advantage, should he have the skill to take it (which he clearly did). And, so we now see the new Pogo 3 design from Verdier which incorporates some of the scow bow characteristics, though not in the extreme. And since this is a Series boat, Structures can afford not to go all the way because nobody else (one imagines) is going to build a scow Series boat that will be able to beat the Pogo 3.

The interesting question then becomes: will the Pogo 3 be able to beat most of the conventional Proto designs, thereby forcing new Protos to adopt the scow characteristics? It is not a trivial question because we have seen Belloir finish 6th overall in a Nacira 6.50, and one must assume the Pogo 3 will be faster than that, in the right hands.

Of course, as Paolo reminds me, the scow seems to have the biggest advantage in the Transat race itself, and perhaps not so much in other races. But I'm not so certain that's true, and if the Pogo 3 turns out to be a dangerous weapon, it may, as I suggested, still force the Protos to adopt the more radical design, regardless.

Watching some of the video of 747 in this year's race, it is so obvious to the naked eye why it's so fast off the wind. What is more difficult to understand is why it seems to be equally effective upwind. Only in light air does the extra wetted surface area prove detrimental to speed and performance. But nobody wants to sail in light air anyway.

So, I predict the Pogo 3 is going to kick all other designs off the podium once it gets into the hands of the top Series skippers.

We deal in lead, friend.
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