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Re: Rallies Gone Wrong

Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
Well, a far greater percentage of the 22 boats in the 2011 NARC Rally had to be abandoned, with the loss of one life...

But, yeah, it's the way the SDR is organized that's all wrong :-)
You keep comparing the two in areas where I don't see a lot of specific similarities. For example, this is what hit the 2011 NARC fleet:

That's "TS Sean"

Please read Morganscloud's assessment of the SDR conditions again and explain to me how they relate.

If I recall correctly from my research for my recent rescue article, Elle (steering failure) and Triple Stars (COB) were abandoned - and Riot was towed in after a steering failure while on final approach to St. George harbor (no SAR).

So, if this is correct, you're right - 2 boats is twice the percentage of the fleet compared to the SDR (though I would not really put Triple Stars in the same category due to the circumstances - which would bring the percentages more in line with one another).

Even so, considering the conditions, the SDR was far more a poor reflection on seamanship (as Morganscloud says) - than what happened with the NARC.

You've still presented nothing that sways me from the belief that the SDR (and/or any rally out there) should EITHER institute ISAF-based safety standards like the NARC - OR greatly increase the experience level required for participation (or both!)...SO THAT when the SDR puts all the onus on the skippers, they at least will be somewhat certain those skippers can handle it.

And/or maybe - as Morganscloud says - they should do away with the fall rallies altogether (though I personally wouldn't go that far).

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